Car Lift Anywhere in Dubai to Sharjah, Abu dhabi & Ajman

Car Lift in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman & Abu Dhabi

If you have recently migrated to Dubai you might be surprised by the term car lift. Car lift or also know as Carpool is a kind of journey where the car is being shared with more than one passenger typically from different households, share a car ride together. The trend of car lift is getting popular in Dubai day by day. We are offering car lift service within Dubai and also out of Dubai. Car Lift is a great and instant way to save money on your journey. Dubai is big and expensive that makes hard to drive in Dubai. Surviving in Dubai is also another tough task. Most employers cant afford own car in Dubai. Although the Dubai Metro is a safe and the cheapest option to travel into Dubai, its time consuming and uncomfortable. In addition, still, other emirates of UAE have no metro option which makes moving into these areas more complicated and expensive. To travel into such areas, either you have to book a taxi or go by bus. Both of these options are not cheap. This is the reason the car-sharing trend in Dubai is getting favorite day by day. It is one of the comfortable, secure and affordable options for employers to go to work. We at Global Car Lift offers you car lift service within Dubai and in Other UAE emirates.

Where do we serve?

Carlift Dubai

Our company offers car lift almost anywhere in Dubai by car, hi-ace & bus. We offer car lift in Bur Dubai, Deira, International city, Al Quoz, Al Qusais, Karama, Satwa, Al Barsha, Dubai Marina, JLT, JBR and surrounding areas. We can pick and drop you into these areas by car or hi-ace. All of our vehicles are air-conditioned, neat and clean, comfortable and secure.

Carlift Sharjah

Global Car Lift provides Car Lift Sharjah to Dubai and vice verse. Sharjah is a cheaper than Dubai and good for families. Many individuals in Dubai who have a high paying job and reside in UAE prefer to live in Sharjah with families. Our company offers a car lift from Dubai to Sharjah and Sharjah to anywhere in Dubai by car, Hi-ace and bus.

Carlift Ajman

Ajman is one of the Seven Emirates in UAE. It’s is located around one hour drive from Dubai. As compared to Dubai and Sharjah, Property in Ajman is very cheap. Ajman is the best place to live with kids. We at Global Car Lift offers car lift Ajman to Dubai, Sharjah to Ajman & Vice Virsa. Our car lifts from Sharjah to Ajman go after every an hour.

Carlift Abu Dhabi

Why Choice us?

  • Car lift anywhere in Dubai
  • Car lift Sharjah to Dubai or Visa Virsa
  • Car Lift Dubai to Ajman
  • Car lift Dubai to Abu Dubai
  • Car lift Sharjah to AJMAN & Abu Dubai.

What are the benefits of Car Lift?

Unless you are a shy person or very concerned about your privacy you would have no single problem making your mind towards car lift service. There are several benefits to getting car lift service. A few of them are listed below.


It’s an easiest and best way to save money. Our car lift service is available at a reasonable price. You will save huge money if you choose us as your car lift partner.

Expand your Friends Circle

Carpooling is a great way to make new friends. Espclay if you traveling your city you would new a friend who can make yours relax during your journey. It also allows you to read, relax and make your mind relax since you are free and not driving.

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